Large-Scale Indoor Farms that do much more with less

We operate and develop tech enabled large-scale indoor farms that do much more with less.

High Tech Indoor Farming

We leverage next-generation technology and proprietary growing techniques to grow quality vegetables in a controlled environment.

Our sustainable greenhouse facilities use automation and climate-efficient prediction allowing us to:

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In Rising Farms, we find ways to partner with some of the best tech companies and institutions in the planet.

Carbon Footprint

We believe that choosing the right tech and procedures is crucial towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Social Impact

We created our own in-house program dedicated to reducing inequality, increasing well-being, and achieving gender equality.

About us

Our MIssion - The future of food

Imagine, create and transform safe and quality products in favor of social responsibility to nourish our present and future

Our Vission

Guide the Mexican countryside towards innovation through an integral business model that dignifies the social environment

Our Values

Trust, empathy, fairness, integrity, excellence and assertiveness

Join our team

At Rising Farms, We believe that working together is what makes the difference.

If you are interested in joining our team and finding a career with us, get in touch with us.

What we value

Faith and Grit

You embrace challenges with courage and resolve. Your strength of character and work ethic define you.

Passion and Dedication

You constantly strive for excellence as you work for change in the agriculture industry and seek to improve lives in the community.

Proactive, Entrepreneurial Mindset

You embody a “we can figure it out” mentality and challenge any notion that “this can’t be done.” You’re not afraid to tackle big problems through rapid experimentation.

We do more with less

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