Leveraging Real Estate and Technology for the future of food scalability

Let's do more with less

1 Planet

8 Billion People

In 2019, the UN projected that the world will need 50% more food by 2050.

Exploitation of the Earth’s land and water resources at unprecedented rates… which combined with climate change, are putting dire pressure on the ability of humanity to feed itself.

How we produce and consume food is the single biggest threat today. Plant based food products generate 10-50 times lower emissions than animal-based products.

The inefficiency with which we feed humanity today is our biggest threat.

Farming Today

70% of the earth’s fresh water already dedicated to agriculture, if we don’t find a better way to grow our food, the time will come when we won’t have enough.

Traditional, open-field farming makes up for the vast majority of our food sources today.

At the mercy of climate conditions… each time more radically changing.

We operate and develop tech enabled large-scale indoor farms that do much more with less.

Meet our high-tech indoor farming.

  • 90% less water consumption than traditional farming

  • Up to 30x more the yields of open field operations

  • Year-round production despite weather fluctuations

World Class


We partner with the best: Rising Farms finds ways to partner with some of the best tech companies and institutions in the planet.

Doing More With Less

Carbon Footprint

We believe that choosing the right tech and procedures is crucial towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Social Impact &


We operate with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals framework. We created our own in-house program dedicated to reducing inequality, increasing well-being, and achieving gender equality.


Our Best Advantage

Great weather conditions all year round lead to lower costs, therefore we have less climate impact

Our Mission: The Future of Food

We are a high-tech indoor company leveraging next-generation technology and proprietary growing techniques to grow quality vegetables in a controlled environment.

Our sustainable greenhouse facilities use automation and climate-efficient prediction that enable for just 10% of the water consumption of traditional legacy farms while obtaining 20x more the yields.

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Located in the Bajio Cluster Queretaro, Mexico