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Pablo Ricaud



Mauricio Ricaud



Mauricio Ricaud


Board of Directors

Juan José Ocaríz

Director of Strategy for Global Operations at Nike

Camila Fernández

Head of Online Payments at Mercado Libre

Gonzalo Ricaud

Managing Director at View Capital Advisors

Andrés Palazuelos

CEO at Palazuelos Logistics & Customs Brokers

How we're doing it

  • Proprietary growing algorithms

    Operating high-tech farming facilities requires vast technical expertise and a sound management team across areas.

  • Strategic Market View

    Our solid network of marketers in the United States and Canada allows us to negotiate the best terms for contracts and prices in USD.

  • Financial Planning at the Core

    Living plants don’t wait. High-tech farming is very capital intensive. Proper investment planning and cash flow management is paramount for the most efficient crops.

  • Doing More With Less

    We are committed to take urgent action to climate change and its impacts.

  • Local Impact

    Use a thriving business to impact the local community and contribute to ending the world’s climate crisis.